Cancer treatment first-class for patients in Finland

Finland is a model country for cancer treatment and research. Regarding the research project on cancer survival, EUROCARE-5 research shows Finland is the best European country in treating patient’s breast cancer and cancers related to the head and neck as well as being third-best in treating prostate cancer. 

In Finland, cancer patients have an excellent survival rate. For example, 89% of prostate cancer patients and 85% of breast cancer patients are still alive ten years after their diagnosis. In addition, five years after diagnosis 94% of prostate cancer patients and 91% of breast cancer patients are alive. In conclusion, most patients are able to spend good and high-quality life despite the disease.

These good survival percentages are explained by the high quality of the physician’s education.

In Finland, we have medical research centers of excellence, which are related to cancer research. For example, Centre of Excellence in Tumour Genetics Research whose purpose is to create information on human tumorigenesis and to facilitate cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Moreover, the research group focuses on human tumor susceptibility. They are interested in hereditary colorectal cancer. The group has contributed to several key discoveries. (Aaltonen 2017.)

The aim of the Centre of excellence in translational cancer biology is to identify new targets for therapy among the body’s own cells that are necessary for the growth and spread of cancer. In doing so, they have also explored other cellular structures that have proved significant in the immediate vicinity of cancer cells. (Alitalo 2015.)

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The writer of the blog post:

Minna Nykopp, a researcher at the University of Jyväskylä (Education)


Aaltonen, L. (2017). Research areas. Biomedicine.

Alitalo, K. (2015). Center of excellence in translational cancer biology. The University of Helsinki.

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels


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