Finland healthcare facts

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Finland is well-known as an innovative, modern and well-functioning society. Our economic and political stability support technological expertise and innovations that are world-class. Clean lakes, fresh air, and lush green forests make Finland a safe and attractive option. Whether you are staying in a city or the countryside, nature is always close by.

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Healthcare in Finland

Finnish healthcare is world-class and covers a wide spectrum of treatments from basic healthcare services to specialized medical care. Behind the Finnish welfare system is a well-run health care system that utilizes advanced techniques and innovative technological solutions.

Finnish research groups and doctors have received international recognition for their basic and clinical research in the fields of cancer treatment, diagnostics, and neurological research. The newest technological innovations in imaging are integrated to meet high standards that result in the most effective treatment chain and optimal treatment for the patient.

Highly educated doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical specialists together with technological innovations maintain the high standard of Finnish medical care. A patient can trust that the best available treatment is always provided.

Qualities of healthcare in Finland

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