Online doctor services for medical travel

Detecting What is Right for You

Medical diagnostics can be very confusing, and it’s even harder to figure out the correct and up-to-date treatment method. With these important matters, it’s best for you to arrange a meeting with an expert who will ensure all the required tests are made, according to your medical record. Online doctor services are always included in our medical travel patient path to ensure the accurate translation of your medical record and provide the most effective and appropriate treatment plan available in Finnish healthcare. Our multilingual team of doctors consists of specialists in various fields of medicine. Also, all our doctors are accredited by the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health of Finland.

Online doctor services through Xclusive Finland include

Online meeting – To understand your needs and state of mind better and to ensure medical records contain all the required information. Additional tests might be advised.

Medical record translation– Provide the correct translation and standardized efficiency of the treatment chain in Finland.

eReferral ­– Referral to a multi-specialist team for treatment implemented to meet the requirements of Finnish healthcare standards.

Integration – We anticipate and assist you with any possible cultural and language differences that you might face when planning your medical travel.

Support – While having medical treatment in Finland, you have the opportunity to communicate with the Xclusive Finland doctor that made the referral.

Our aim in medical travel online services

Our online services aim to serve you while speaking in your mother tongue. This enables easy interaction with our doctors and allows you to enjoy all the privileges of Finnish healthcare. It is our mission to make sure you won’t feel uncertain of matters related to your health. Whether your medical travel need is diagnosis, treatment or rehabilitation planning, we are here to help you.